Under Armour Men's Original Series 6” Boxerjock

Best Multi-Sport Underwear For Men

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Why people love it
  • Snug, firm fit but room to breath
  • Stays in place no matter what excercise or sport you do
  • Prevents chaffing

Not only are the Under Armour Boxerjocks both comfortable and soft, they also feature a breathable contoured pouch which effectively keeps air flowing.

Some say it can be hard to find the perfect size and fit. 


Fabric: The Under Armour Boxerjocks are super-comfortable, lightweight, and smooth. The 90% polyester/10% Elastane wicks sweat and dries really fast. They breathe well and keep you supported, but not compressed. 

Fit: These trunks are not compression, but they're not loose either. They are fitted, which means they sit comfortably next to your skin without the squeeze. 

Their fit makes them perfect for all sports. They're not so tight you'll be unable to move freely for CrossFit, HIIT, or plyo training, yet they won't ride up as you run, cycle, or train in martial arts.

For heavy sweaters, they'll keep up with even the most intense resistance training workout while wicking moisture away from your downstairs parts to ensure maximum breathability and ventilation.

The u-stitched pouch (think banana hammock), provides ideal support for your man parts, too. They'll feel snug and supported without being too tight. As a bonus, these boxers do have a pee hole. 

Price: These Under Armour boxers cost $35 for a two-pack, making them a little over $17 each--100% worth it! Try these ridiculously comfortable boxer briefs, they're definitely good bang for your buck.

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