Best Christmas Gift for the Wife that Loves Handbags

Umbrella for Your Purse or Handbag
  • Great invention
  • Keeps everything dry
  • Protects your handbag

This is an innovative product for anyone that spends a small fortune on their handbags. It’s a raincoat for your bag with a Velcro top seam for accessing handles and straps.

Check the sizing; it won’t fit larger handbags.


Features: We know you’re tempted to laugh, but if she loves her handbags, she’ll love this. It’s a raincoat for the handbag – not for your wife. For as much as she spends on her purses and bags, you can bet she doesn’t want them ruined by inclement weather.

The purse raincoat comes with its own carrying case so it can be slipped conveniently into whatever bag she’s carrying. And, it has a Velcro top seam so handles can be accessed when needed.

Price: Fortunately, the price is right. You’ll be able to afford these purse (and key) trackers to put in her stocking. And, if you’re feeling really brave (or flush), you could always get her a handbag. Anything by Kate Spade is a winner at the moment, like this cross body number that will make her friends jealous.  


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