Umbra Zoola Ring Holder

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  • The finish is modern and shiny
  • Surprisingly heavy weight
  • Fits more than six rings 

The cat and monkey's tails sit low and this stand is smaller than expected. 


What's it for? The Umbra Zoola Ring Holder was made to store any and every ring safely. 

Dimensions: This ring stand is the perfect size and will easily fit in the palm of your hand. It doesn't take up a lot of space on your counter and is surprisingly sturdy so it won't tip over, either. This product is 1.75 inches long, 3 inches high, and 1.5 inches wide. 

Details: This isn't your typical ring stand. What do we mean by this? Well, there are four whimsical animals to choose from (and they're seriously adorable). Rings slide over the trunk on the elephant design and over the ears on the bunny. With the cat and monkey ring stand, your rings slip over their upraised tails. And, all of these holders will fit more than six rings. 

We love the base of this product because it's felt-lined, which means it will grip to any surface you put it on. The cast metal material that it's made of is satisfyingly thick and heavy which makes it feel expensive and well made. Plus, it comes in two shiny finishes: brass and chrome, which makes this ring stand really look top dollar. 

Price: For such a trendy and modern jewelry holder, you can't complain about the $9 price. This product definitely looks more expensive than it actually is.  

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