Umbra Trigem Hanging Jewelry Organizer

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Why people love it
  • The three tiers are spaced with enough room so necklaces won't get tangled
  • Simple and sturdy design looks elegant
  • Allows necklaces to be beautifully displayed

A three tiered necklace stand and ring tray with a modern, elegant design. 

Although tall, some wish this stand was taller. The base of this stand is also made of plastic. 


What's it for? The Umbra Trigem Hanging Jewelry Organizer is for storing all of your necklaces. The ring tray at the base can be used for storing bracelets, rings, and watches, too. 

Dimensions: Although this necklace holder is tall, it looks beautiful displayed on your dresser or nightstand. This product is 9 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 19 inches high with three horizontal bars that hold more than 30 necklaces.  

Details: This is a great little necklace holder that holds more than 30 various sized necklaces with ease. The Umbra organizer has an extra tall design so even your tallest necklaces will have a place. This modern stand features three tiered bars at different heights so you can spread out your necklaces of different lengths. As a bonus, this stand comes with a padded base. The bottom is lightly cushioned, enough so it won't scratch another surface, but not so much that is makes it stand at all unsteady. What really sets this organizer apart are the two elegant colors. Not only does this organizer come in a beautiful brass, but it also comes in a classic nickel. 

Price: Obviously, this organizer is on the higher end at $25. But, you get what you pay for in terms of quality. This one by Umbra isn't cheapily made so it will last you a long time. 

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