Best Men’s Conditioner for Hair Loss

Ultrax Labs Hair Solace Stimulating Conditioner
  • Hair is soft and shiny
  • Smells terrific
  • Noticeably thicker hair
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This conditioner mixes known hair growth stimulants with moisturizing ingredients to ensure your hair is manageable and growing. It’s cruelty-free and doesn’t include questionable ingredients.

Besides the super-high price, a few men don’t find it to work at all. If you’re one of them, discontinue use immediately and consult a specialist.


If you’re dealing with hair loss, there’s a good chance you’re close to pulling out the hair that’s left from the stress of it all. What can you do to get your hair back? Sorry to tell you, but changing your conditioner isn’t going to do it… but choosing the right conditioner in connection with other hair growth treatments isn’t a bad idea.

We like the use of caffeine and eucalyptus in this formula, as well as the anti-inflammatory ingredients which should hopefully stop you from touching your scalp constantly. The lack of parabens and sulfates also makes us super happy. But, the price of this puppy doesn’t. Yes, it is that expensive. And, it doesn’t work for everyone – even if it does a decent job of conditioning, you just can’t pack enough anti-loss ingredients into a bottle of conditioner.

On that note, if it doesn’t help you with hair loss, or it irritates your scalp, stop using it immediately and consult a hair care specialist. There’s no point in continuing with a product that doesn’t work for you – and because there are plenty of hair loss causes, you shouldn’t be surprised that there are many different types of treatments.

Key ingredients: Caffeine and eucalyptus         

Sulfates: No

Parabens: No

Other notable ingredients: It also features chamomile recutitta which is anti-inflammatory and has been shown to stimulate hair growth.   

Cruelty-free: Yes

Scent: Mild herbal scent

Bottle size: 8.8 oz

Price: The MSRP is $60, but you’ll pay about $44 for the 8.8 ounces. Sadly, that makes this one of the most expensive conditioners at $5 an ounce.


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