This product claims to be the brightest lantern on Amazon - and it's remarkably affordable too.

  • Military grade materials
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • 60 lumen output

Whether you're camping or you just need a couple of emergency lanterns lying around, this might be the one to buy. It's super affordable and considering the incredible Amazon review score, it clearly works.

What Reviewers Say: 

82% of Amazon reviewers give this a full 5 stars. That's rather impressive when you think about it.

  • My wife and I used this last weekend to camp. Lights up a three person tent like day time. It's an amazing product!
  • It's awesome! Here's how awesome it is: My husband used it last weekend to move something from the garage to outside behind our shed in the dark. It worked great as a light source. But then he forgot and left if out there for 48 hours. When he finally remembered where he left it and retrieved it, it WAS STILL ON, shining brightly, even though it was covered with ice (we had a ice/snow event here while it was outside). I wish I took a photo of the ice that was on it and it was still working! What a little hard working lantern! I will be buying more!
  • Ultra bright isn't the word for it. Blinding is more like it. Super simple to operate. Big things do come in small packages and this is what they've done. Plus the top unscrew and has a secret compartment I put some necessary survival items in for extra storage. I would recommend this to everyone

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