You might think this is a simple overcoat. And we forgive you for that, but you need to take a closer look at the new must-have of the season.  Seriously.


This lightweight overcoat is a spring essential. We know, the sleek styling calls you in on its own, but there's more to this jacket. It's not stitched the way your mama (or most factories, for that matter) would do it. The nylon fabric of this jacket is laser cut and laser bonded. That means you don't have to fight with extra bits of fabric. Packing is easy, but it's the way this overcoat fits - off the rack - that should turn your head. And because every seam is laser-bonded, it's virtually impenetrable. And, it's already made from a gorgeous stretch nylon in black or dark grey.

Go on, you can admit that you want this now.

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