UDI U818A HD+ Quadcopter Drone

Best Christmas Gift for Drone-Loving Men

Why people love it
  • Inexpensive, yet good quality
  • Durable, can survive crashes
  • Easy to assemble and use, even for first-time drone pilots

Inexpensive, perfect for beginners; great for performing tricks; tough little quadcopter.

Doesn't handle well in high winds.


Details: If he's a drone enthusiast, this is a great choice for him to practice with before buying a more expensive one. The camera snaps decent-quality images at up to 1280x960 resolution, the video camera can stream live to his smartphone, and it can be set to store the footage/images to the onboard storage device. While the range on the drone is not ideal (less than 100 feet), it zips through the air with surprising speed.

The camera can be a bit shaky if the wind is high, but on calm days it takes clear, blur-free pictures. The controller allows you to adjust the throttle, trim, camera, and even monitor the battery life.

He'll get about 9 minutes of flight time, but the battery also only takes 45 minutes to charge. However, it includes a bonus battery pack to extend his flight time. It's not suitable for use in heavy winds, but on days when there is no wind, it handles like a dream, even for newbie pilots.

Price: Priced at $90, it's a solid little copter that can take a beating and still run well. If he wants to get into drone-flying, this is an excellent first-time choice, as it handles easily and can survive crashes thanks to the plastic rotor guards.

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