Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail

Best Luxury Diaper Pail

Why people love it
  • Stainless steel repels odors and withstands wear and tear
  • More than 10 different colors to choose from
  • Childproof lock keeps curious kiddos from prying open the lid

The Ubbi doesn’t require special bags or liners. Its stainless steel design doesn’t absorb odors the way plastic does.

The absence of a foot pedal is practically the only complaint parents have about this high-end diaper pail. A handful of parents warn that overly full bags tend to get caught on the pail’s inner rung, but the company says it updated its bag holder design to prevent this issue.


Odor Absorbency: Stainless steel construction gives this pail a contemporary look, but it also helps it trap nasty odors before they have a chance to circulate through your little one’s room. Numerous parents say the only time they notice a bad smell from the Ubbi diaper pail is when they first open it - if at all. Several reviewers say they’ve used the same pail for years with no odor issues.

Ease of Use: A flip of the lid’s slider is all it takes to open this Ubbi diaper pail, although some parents lament that a foot pedal would be an improvement. Adding new bags is a simple task because this versatile diaper pail is compatible with cloth liner bags, regular trash bags, and Ubbi plastic bags.

Features: Resilient rubber seals help this stainless steel diaper pail trap odors. A child-resistant safety lock prevents tiny fingers from getting smashed during an attempted diaper-digging adventure. An internal ring holds your bag firmly in place as it supports the weight of up to 35 soiled diapers.

Price: With a price that averages around $80, the Ubbi is tied for the most expensive diaper pail on our list - at least when it comes to upfront costs. However, you don’t have to buy special dispensers or bags for this diaper disposal system, so you’ll probably save plenty of money over the years.

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