UAG Military-Quality Phone Case

Best Gift for an Accident-Prone Dad

Why people love it
  • Impressive drop protection
  • Man-approved appearance
  • Practical card holder eliminates the need for a wallet

A few folks complain that the case feels slick, and its plastic bezel comes off too easily.


Why he needs it: We all know at least one dad who constantly replaces his phone because he’s cracked the screen or ruined its electrical components. This super-resilient UAG phone case was designed for dads like this. It absorbs shocks during drops or bumps, and it protects his phone from scratches, scuffs, and cracks. He’ll be psyched that his current smartphone survives his accident-prone tendencies.

This case comes in multiple colors and is available for most popular smartphone models.

Price: Expect to dole out $25 to $35 for this UAG phone case. It costs hundreds of bucks to replace or repair a smartphone, so you’re saving dad some serious cash.

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