TYZEST High-Speed Copper Fidget Spinner

All-Around Best Fidget Spinner

Why people love it
  • Spins quietly
  • Long spin time
  • Heavy weight provides stability

Claims to help concentration issues that stem from anxiety, autism, and/or ADHD. A lack of noise during hand spins makes this device ideal for school (assuming it’s not banned in your district) or work.

A handful of reviewers complain that they bought a defective spinner that looks more gold than the one in the description. Some retailers allegedly sell TYZEST knockoffs, so beware if you receive a spinner that looks or performs drastically different than the one you ordered.






Design: A sleek metallic body supports three bearings and a concave center button. The compact size of this highly rated spinner lets your child slide it easily into a pocket, wallet, or pencil pouch. Because this spinner is smaller than many of the other spinners on our list, you may want to keep it away from younger kids or kids with sensory issues who nibble on non-food objects. 

Materials: We’ve seen tons of cheap, flimsy fidget spinners, but the TYZEST isn’t one of them. The body of this resilient spinner is constructed from 100% red copper, which explains why it’s heavier in our hands than other spinners we’ve tried. Its shiny metallic bearings are made from a durable blend of ceramic and stainless steel, so they remain intact after multiple spins.  

Performance: Reviewers rave about the long spin time, which averages from 3 minutes to 8 minutes, of this best-selling fidget spinner. One owner excitedly explains that the spinner spun for nearly 10 minutes after he cleaned the bearings with isopropyl alcohol. If you attempt to enhance your fidget spinner’s performance with a thorough cleaning, make sure you avoid oil and lube. These substances may damage the spinner.  

This TYZEST fidget spinner spins for a long time, but it also spins quickly and quietly. You can watch this delightful gadget rotate around your fingers without disrupting fellow students or coworkers, but keep it off of desks, counters, and floors. It’s a little noisy on hard surfaces. 

Price: At $30, it’s not the most expensive spinner on our list, but it certainly isn’t the cheapest either. Fortunately, the majority of reviewers agree that this spinner’s performance lives up to its price tag. If you’re looking for something a little cheaper, you can get this high-quality Gorilla spinner for $10 or $15 less.

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