TYZEST Copper Fidget Spinner

Best Christmas Gift for the Fidgety Dad

Why people love it
  • Spins quietly with a long spin time
  • Heavy weight provides stability
  • Keeps him entertained and occupied, quieting his nerves or fidgeting

Quality control issues; and may accidentally purchase a knock-off.


Why he needs it: If he needs something to keep his hands busy, this fidget spinner makes an amazing gift! The compact size lets him slide it easily into a pocket, wallet, or pencil pouch. The body is constructed from 100% red copper, which makes it heavier (in a good way) than other spinners. Its shiny metallic bearings are made from a durable blend of ceramic and stainless steel, so they remain intact after multiple spins.  

Reviewers rave about the long spin time, which averages from 3 minutes to 8 minutes, but also how it spins quickly and quietly. He can watch this delightful gadget rotate around his fingers without disrupting fellow students or coworkers.

Price: At $13, it's a perfect little stocking stuffer for dad! This spinner’s performance lives up to its claims, and he'll find it's the best option to keep him entertained for hours.

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