TYR Nest Pro Goggle

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Why people love it
  • Resistant to leaks, wear and tear, and stretching; durable
  • A good pair of goggles for competitors and professional swimmers
  • Comfortable, conform to your face, and user-friendly

Prone to fogging and require extra tightening.


Performance: For those who need goggles that can keep up with competitive swimming performance, give these bad boys a try. Not only are they built from durable materials, they're also easy to adjust mid-swim and conform to the shape and size of your head and face. Though they're prone to fogging, the wide-view lens gives you a full field of vision around you.

Features: The goggles come with TPR gaskets that make them comfortable to wear for hours. Though it'll take a bit of fiddling to get the fit right, you'll find the goggles will keep out water once pulled tight. The Glide Clip system allows you to adjust the goggles on your head, and the polypropylene over-mold nest frame ensures that your goggles stay securely in place as you slice through the water.

Price: At $14, these are a very well-priced pair of competitive goggles. They're durable enough to wear to any swim meet or race, and they're designed to keep up with your high-intensity activity.

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