10 Types of Girls You Should and Shouldn't Date

10 Types of Girls You Should and Shouldn't Date

Do you tend to find you have the same issues, problems, and fights with every girl you date?

Perhaps a little rethinking of your ideal girl is in order. Sometimes what we see on the outside isn’t what’s on the inside, and as we all know, it’s hard to judge a book by its cover. We enter relationships of different intensities for basic reasons - love, lust, sex, companionship, friendship, romance - yet we often fall into patterns regarding the people we date.

You want the supermodel, but you are left feeling unsatisfied intellectually. You want the girl who can hang with all your guys, but you’re left feeling like all the sexual energy is kaput. You want someone with the same hobbies, but you find yourself constantly competing.

It’s easy to know what you want initially, but if you’re thinking more long-term, you’ll have to think about what you’ll want in the future as well. It’s great she can stay out until 4 am and hold her own at the bar, but do you want that lifestyle do dictate your relationship? Probably not. Likewise, if you opt for the sweet, innocent, girl, you'll easily find one that meets Mom’s approval, but is she someone who meets your needs and wants? Doubtful.

Many times we enter dating expecting one thing, and leave disappointed after we’ve discovered we want something else. Although it’s a little traumatic perhaps, that’s actually, or more pointedly, exactly what dating is for. To discover what you do and don’t like, want, and need, from matters of attention to sex, and all things in between.

Instead of enter another date following your same pattern, stick to a few basic tips on the type of girls you should be dating, and those you would do best staying clear from.

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