Twin Z Pillow

Best Nursing Pillow For Twins

Why people love it
  • Can be used for six unique functions
  • A lifesaver for moms of multiples
  • Provides the best back support out any pillow on our list

It is really tough to find a mom that doesn’t love this pillow, but the few complaints we did get were issues with the buckle not tightening enough to stay in place for more petite moms.


Fit: The Twin Z Pillow wraps around like a big, soft hug, and has a buckle with adjustable strap on the front to keep it in place.

Support: Even if you aren’t a mom of twins, you may want to snatch up one of these pillows just for the back support, which is far more than anything else on our list. Even as a pregnancy pillow you will get a lot of support for your expanding tummy in a side-lying position.

Price: This pillow is the most expensive option on our list. But for its multi-use versatility, you are getting 6 pillows in one with the Twin Z. So the value is actually super impressive and worth every penny.

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