Most Stylish Mens Beard Trimmer

Why people love it
  • Beautiful and sleek design; highly stylish
  • Well-designed for user convenience and comfort
  • Runs for an hour on a single charge

Multiple users have reported battery issues and this trimmer is slightly lacking in terms of power.


Performance: This is the iPhone 6 of beard trimmers: sleek, beautiful, and ultra elegant. It looks gorgeous sitting on your bathroom counter, and will add a touch of contemporary grace to any décor. That being said, it packs plenty of function into its form.

The trimmer has above-average battery life (60 minutes per charge), and you'll find that it has decent power on a full charge. The power does drop a bit when the battery is drained, but it's quick and easy to charge. It's designed to be versatile and easy to maneuver to reach all those difficult spots beneath your jaw or around your mouth. It delivers a quality shave provided you keep it charged.

Note: Multiple users have reported battery trouble, but the manufacturer (Pure Enlightenment) has replaced the shavers every time. What's better than TOP NOTCH customer service!

Features: The trimmer comes with four attachments to adjust the length, but many people find that the attachments are either too long or too short. The cleaning brush and oil will help you keep your trimmer in tip-top shape, extending its lifespan and ensuring that it works well.

Price: For $30, this is a decent option to consider. Many users have called it an excellent "secondary trimmer" to have when you travel, and it's portable and lightweight enough that it fits in any shaving kit or case.

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