Why people love it
  • Increased safety and comfort
  • Trustex Lubricated condoms are no fuss, no muss
  • Perfect for those who prefer to keep things classic and simple

Messing around figuring out how to properly put on a condom is the epitome of a buzz kill. And according to research published in Sexual Health, 4-30% of men have admitted to put a condom on inside-out, later to reverse it - bad idea. Enter Trusted Lubricated condoms. They make it easy to tell which side of the condom to put on, which makes it much easier to stay in the moment for both her and your satisfaction. 

What reviewers say:

  • These are a fine product. Price is comparable to other condoms, and they do not have a strong offensive latex smell.
  • I just recently tried these condoms and it was a classic!
  • Wow...just wow!

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