Why people love it
  • Science-test best tasting condom
  • And the best tasting condom flavor is....Chocolate (according the Huffington Post)! 
  • Both effective and delicious

Bad lubrication, and not the best quality.


Performance: These are soft, sensitive condoms that can make protected oral sex absolutely enjoyable for the both of you. However, if you're looking for high quality, you're better off looking elsewhere. Users have complained that these aren't the most durable, have little lubrication, and are a tight fit. Really, all you want these for is the taste!

Features: What puts these condoms on our list is the flavor. The Huffington Post ranked the best flavored condoms and found chocolate to be the most liked flavor. These condoms give her that chocolate taste while still providing the FDA-approved protection that you need. With the right flavor sitting right in your bed table, this condom is sure to add some spice to your sex life. For great-tasting, fully-protected oral sex, these are your top pick.

Price: $8 for a 12-pack is a fairly decent price, though don't expect to use these for your everyday sex. Keep them handy for those times you want to have some oral fun with a great taste!

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