Why people love it
  • Picture quality surpasses most 4K TVs
  • Beautifully easy to set up and start using
  • Amazing quality sound; slim, compact speakers

There is a race today in the HD TV market; pack as many pixels as you can within a screen or become a wanna-be. At faveable, we think Samsung has finally provided a true theater experience at home with their 65” HU9000 Curved Ultra High Definition TV. Curved design delivers a true theater experience, easy to set up, gorgeous 3D movies, sterling picture quality, voice-activated features, TV designed to self-program according to use, great for gaming and movie/TV watching.

Glitches with screen boot-up and internet connectivity.





The Details: If he wants a true theater experience, this 65” HU9000 Curved Ultra High Definition TV is just the thing for him! The TV delivers a stunningly immersive experience, almost like virtual reality but without the goggles. The picture quality is amazing, courtesy of its 240 Hz refresh rate. There's minimal side fade, a good selection of TV settings options, and gorgeous, high quality sound.

The backlit LED TV is beautifully eco-friendly, comes with 4 pairs of 3D glasses, and is compatible with both remote and voice control.

Price: $1900 is a bit of a high price to pay for a TV, but not when you consider that it's a 65-inch curved screen 3D TV with above-par picture quality and full functionality. So worth it for his man cave!

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