Trojan Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy Lubricated Condoms

Best Condom Overall for His Pleasure

Why people love it
  • Most pleasurable experience for the man
  • Feels great in terms of thickness, constriction, and lubrication
  • Super effective

As a man, you don’t want to wear a condom that feels like a trash bag nor do you want something so constricting that you can’t even feel what’s going on below your waist anymore. You deserve a condom that not only fits well, but that feels well—thin enough where you still can feel the heat from your partner, that’s snug but not restrictive, and that’s lubricated for both of you. That’s what you’ll get with these.

Some men have complained that these are too long or too big. According to the measurements provided, these fit up to 8” in length and 1.35” in diameter, so pay attention to those when buying.


Performance: Breakage and slippage are not complaints you’ll have when it comes to these condoms. If you need a condom that performs reliably for your needs (i.e. no babies, STD protection), then this is a great choice.

Features: There are a couple great features to talk about here. For starters, these condoms are well-lubricated (something you don’t often see with Trojan)—and lubricated both inside and out for both of your pleasure. Also, this condom features deep ribbing (especially at the base), which is sure to give you both additional stimulation from end to end.

Price: These are standardly priced when compared to other Trojan condoms.

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