Trojan Ultra Ribbed Lubricated Condoms

Best Condom for Lasting Longer

Why people love it
  • Deep ribs for maximum vaginal stimulation
  • Durable and built to last
  • Thicker latex which helps men last longer

These condoms are meant for a very specific purpose: when your woman needs you to last longer (or when you just want to last longer on your own). That said, that's not the only thing these condoms will do, as the extra ribbing will give both of you additional pleasure as you slowly and steadily work your way up to orgasm.

The lubricant does have a tendency to dry up quickly and some customers complain about the rubbery smell of the condoms (which, honestly, is a common problem with Trojans).


Performance: For durability and performance, Trojan is always a good brand to consider. This condom is tough, easy to slip on, and built to handle all types of sexual activity. The tapered base is designed to create a firm suction, keeping the condom securely in place no matter what sort of sexual gymnastics you're engaged in. 

Be warned: have lubricant on hand. The lubrication on these condoms is excellent, but it tends to dry up quickly.

Features: The ribs are the real selling point of this particular condom. Not only are the ribs deeper and more pronounced, but they're positioned just right to ensure maximum stimulation of those sensitive nerves in the vagina. That's awesome news since it means you'll have those ribs working overtime to get your woman off as the thickness of the condom forces you to hold off on orgasming until she's ready for it. 

Price: This is one of the better-priced condoms on the list.

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