Why people love it
  • Thinner than thin
  • Very comfortable for well-endowed men
  • High-quality and durable condom

You may find that your partner is reaching for the lube more often with these condoms.


Performance: Since these condoms are made for larger penises, you shouldn’t have issues with breakage so long as you’re using the right size (there are XLs if you find that these aren’t enough). Also, be sure to use enough lube. That’s the chief complaint with these condoms: not enough lube = breakage. So, play smart.

Features: In addition to these condoms being made for the above-average penis, they’re also designed with both of your pleasure in mind. These condoms are so super thin that they’re barely detected during sex, creating a hotter and more intimate experience for the two of you.

Price: Much like with anything you have to buy in a larger size, these are more expensive than the average condom.

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