Trojan Magnum

Best XL Condom

Why people love it
  • Designed for the well-endowed guy
  • Easy to slip on; interior lubrication feels good
  • Not so thick they reduce sensation, but not so thin they break

Exterior lubrication dries up quickly.


Performance: If you're well above average below the belt, these are the condoms you want! These condoms are designed to fit thicker and longer penises without constriction, making it a good choice for those who need a bit more room in their condoms. They're durable and can handle very active sex. If you've found regular-sized condoms (Lifestyle, Trojan, Durex, etc.) are too tight, it may be worth trying a Trojan XL.

Features: Aside from their extra-large dimensions (extra length and girth), there are no special features to speak of. This is simply a condom designed for the man with bigger-than-average penis. The lubrication on the interior of the condom feels good when you slip it on. However, the exterior lubricant tends to dry up quickly, so make sure to have a bottle on hand for your partner's pleasure.

Price: At $12 for a pack of 36, this is one of the best-priced condoms on this list. If you're packing a few extra inches, this is the condom you want!

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