Why people love it
  • Extra lubrication to enhance her pleasure
  • Ribs are positioned perfectly for female stimulation
  • Tight enough to enhance erection duration and firmness without reducing circulation

Lubricant contains spermicide to reduce risk of pregnancy, provides excellent lubrication, condom texture designed for maximum female stimulation, extra long-lasting lubricant, prevents dryness and increases sensation for her.

Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide may cause irritation.


And the winner of the longest lasting lubricant is... Trojan Her Pleasure Sensations with Spermicidal Lubricant Condom. This condom is designed for female stimulation, features Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide for extra protection against pregnancy, and lubricated for comfort and sensitivity.

Performance: If you're looking for a condom that will rock HER world, this is the one you want! Not only does it have extra lubrication (a must-have for a pleasant sexual experience), but it's built with the durability that makes Trojan the best condom brand around. It's designed to stay firmly in place, so there's no risk of slippage or breaking. The ring is tight enough to maintain a firm, strong erection, but it won't cut off blood flow to the penis.

Definitely a condom worth having in your wallet or nightstand!

Features: The extra-lubricated condom will help to enhance her pleasure, and the ribs are positioned in just the right place to maximize stimulation of her "happy fun parts". As an added bonus, the lubricant contains spermicide to reduce the risk of pregnancy. (Warning: The spermicide can irritate sensitive skin. Be sure not to use more than once per day!)

Price: At just over $6 for a 12-pack, this is a slightly pricier option. If you're having sex two or three times per day, you'd be better off with a value pack. But if you're looking for something to make sex better for her, this is a worthy investment.

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