Why people love it
  • Most pleasurable experience for the woman
  • Durable and safe
  • Fits snugly

While this is a joy ride for many women, men don’t always get a kick out of how snug and sensitivity-reducing these condoms are. When Men’s Health asked men about it, only 7% called this one their favorite.


Performance: If your goal is to not get pregnant and to keep both of you safe, then this is a fantastic condom choice.

Features: If your goal is to get your lady off, then, again, this is the best condom for you guys. There’s something about the corkscrew-like twists that will drive a woman wild (some say it’s because it feels more realistic when compared to the veins on a penis).

Price: Considering these are Trojan and come with the special twists and turns, these condoms aren’t too badly priced.

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