• Made from durable, high quality materials that will hold their shape after repeated use
  • Ideal for physical therapy/stretching
  • Unique distrodensity zone design offers targeted massage

This is a simple foam roller that gets the job done! It's easy to use, portable, and compact, making it the perfect choice no matter where you are.

What Reviewers Say:

  • I like it because: It is firmer than a basic white foam roller, allowing you to use more pressure and work out deep knots or tension better. (Note: you can easily change the angle at which you use it to keep pressure light.) It holds its shape. The basic foam rollers will dent in and break down with use, this product will retain its shape and thus will not need to be replaced.
  • This thing is fantastic. I own a inversion table and loved it. I tried this at a friends and liked the results. Purchased one for a client and used it during our sessions, then finally purchased one for myself. Since then the inversion table collects dust and my back feels great.
  • The different zones of the roller work very well especially for those muscles that take a lot of work to soften up like the i.t. band. The size is compact and just right for me being a tall guy. I'm able to get my roll on in a limited amount of space and the best part is I can easily throw The Grid right in my gym bag. Portability is key when you're on the move a lot and when you also work out in a lot of different places. One thing I will say is if you're not use to a foam roller it can be a little painful at first, trick is to shift your weight until the pressure is just right for you. Eventually you'll get use to what The Grid is doing for you and you also might gain a bit of strength as well rolling on certain areas depending on your positioning.
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