Why people love it
  • The ideal pair of gloves for heavy lifts/bench pressing
  • Built-in silica gel palm enhances grip effectively
  • Durable, comfortable, and versatile

Thick padding, comfy, easy to take off and put on, durable, 1-year warranty, unisex, great customer service, reliable wrist support, good quality stitching

Gripping material on the palm tends to flake/peel 



For those who need thick padding (such as for heavy bench pressing), these are the perfect pair of gloves. Thanks to the extra layers of padding integrated into the palm, you can protect your hands and wrists. The silica gel palms will enhance your grip while adding extra padding.

The gloves tend to run a bit small, and the surface of the padding material is prone to flaking and peeling—a problem common with most weight lifting gloves. However, the stitching and closures are solid, making them a great, fairly durable pair to use for heavy weightlifting.


The gloves come with thick padding built into the palms, silica gel to enhance your grip, and wrist straps to add support. The pull tabs on the fingers make it easy to pull the gloves off mid-workout. 


Starting at $17, these are slightly on the pricier side, but worth it thanks to their heavy padding and solid wrist support.

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