Most Durable Full Face Snorkel Mask

Tribord Easybreath Full Face Snorkeling Mask
  • A good mask for users of all ages
  • Durable and reliable mask
  • Great visibility with low risk of fogging
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Great fit for adults and youth, shatterproof window, natural breathing, 180-degree field of view, Dry Top system prevents snorkel leaks, built-in water drainage, compatible with nose breathing, 2-year warranty, anti-fog, and highly visible snorkel.

Difficult to remove detachable snorkel, and the air intake is slightly small and limits breathing.


Comfort: This mask is designed to fit adults and youth, even older children. The silicone seal keeps water out and makes it comfortable on your face for hours of use. The design makes it more comfortable to breathe through your nose rather than mouth. It comes in 4 different sizes (from Extra Small to Extra Large), and it weighs just 550 grams. It comes in eight stylish colors, with a snorkel that is highly visible above the water's surface—so less chance surfers and bodyboarders will run you over.

Be warned: after a while, it will be hard to breathe due to the smaller size of the air intake. However, when you come up for air, the built-in drainage port will make it easy to let the water out without taking off your mask.

Durability: The silicone seal is long-lasting and will never leak. The mask is made from shatterproof polycarbonate, which is both highly durable and resistant to scratches and damage.

Visibility: The mask offers a full 180-degree field of vision, and an anti-fog coating prevents your exhalations from fogging up the inside of the mask. The polycarbonate glass gives you excellent visibility without distorting the field of view.

Features: The snorkel is designed to be detachable, but it can be tricky to remove. It has a mechanism to prevent sea water leaking through the snorkel, making sure you never inhale sea water no matter how much you swim.

Price: This may have a slightly high price tag, but you'll find its compatibility with all face sizes and shapes makes it great for anyone looking for a comfortable fit.


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