Tresemmé Tres Mousse

Best Budget Mousse

Why people love it
  • Offers a good hold
  • Pleasant smell
  • Adds more than enough volume
  • It's not animal-friendly

If you're on a budget, you really do want to get your hands on this mousse.

The ingredient list is better than some others, the hold is more than passable even as hair remains flexible and natural.

It also gives some shine and the scent is generally non-offensive. Just take a look.

Hold: This mousse holds very well, though it's not nearly as strong as the marketing would suggest.

Still, it's a good, long-lasting, non-crunchy hold.

Shine: Not only does this product seem to add a touch of extra, healthy-looking shine, it seems to be flake fee.

Scent: The fragrance is light and on-lingering. It's mostly nothing at all and is closer to fresh than anything else.

What's inside: On the plus side, this mousse is alcohol and paraben free. It also has good-for-your-hair ingredients such as keratin amino acids and lanolin.

No, it's not vegan, nor is it cruelty-free.

Application: You can apply this thick, very typically textured mousse on both dry and damp hair, but it's definitely better on damp hair, followed by hair drying.

Price: The price is very good on this product; you get10.5 ounces for $8, which is 76 cents per ounce (a steal, really).

And, even though it's not a Prime product, it comes with free shipping.

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