Best Overall Heat Protectant

TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer
  • Seriously protects against heat and styling
  • Amazing smell (that’s not too overpowering)
  • Makes hair soft
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You’ll pay a very reasonable price for this misting heat protectant that comes with a locking bottle (which makes it ideal for travelling and those with small children). It works especially well with flat irons and smells divine.

A few more packaging issues than we would like have been reported. It’s advisable to order this independently just in case (and customer service is quick to replace damaged bottles).


If heat styling is part and parcel of your life, you must consider this product from TRESemmé – it really lives up to its reputation. It’s basically packed with vitamins to naturally resist heat damage and repair existing damage. It results in consistently frizz-free hair and a gorgeous glow. Okay, we have a caveat here – it won’t take away the frizz on super wiry hair, though it will help to relax it some.

Users absolutely love the way it smells and that it doesn’t leave hair looking greasy or crunchy. You can expect natural, soft hair when using this product and it works exceptionally well with flat irons. And, though it’s not necessarily recommended for those with Brazilians or other chemically straightened or curled hair, it’s gentle enough for extensions, which is a plus.

And, besides the overall value for money you get with this TRESemmé product, you may just fall in love with the locking feature, which means you can tuck this into your suitcase or gym bag without worrying that it will ruin your clothes. It’s also handy for parents with small children that get into everything.

Key ingredients: A complex blend of vitamins.

Paraben-free? Yes

Animal-friendly? TRESemmé is owned by Unilever which is not a cruelty-free brand. That’s because they operate in countries (like China) where animal testing is, in fact, mandatory. We lament this aspect and hope they make progressive changes soon because this product is totally worth it.

Application: The manufacturer suggests holding this 6-8” from your head to spray on damp hair if you’re giving yourself a blowout. If you’re planning to use a curling or flat iron, be sure your hair is dry first.

Package size: 8-ounce misting spray bottle.

Cost: You’ll pay between $6.50 and $7 for a single bottle. That works out to a little more than 80 cents per ounce, which is exceptionally reasonable for this heat protectant.

Bottom line: Not only does this appear to work miracles, control frizzies, and smell amazing, this heat protectant is affordable and paraben-free. It’s not necessarily the right product for chemically straightened or curled hair, but it’s a seriously good product for those that often heat style their do.


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