Trendy Winter Nail Designs

Trendy Winter Nail Designs

Winter may not be the best out of all four seasons, but it certainly has a lot of holidays we look forward to -- year-end celebrations, religious gatherings, and New Year’s Eve parties. Get into the holiday spirit with an indulgent manicure inspired by the latest winter nail designs.

What's the bottom line?

Whether you like season-appropriate colorways and prints, or neutral designs that can last past winter, there’s something for you in this list. Let us know which ones caught your attention in the comments below! Share this article to help others decide which trendy winter nail design to try this year.

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25. Pastel Snowflakes

Pastel Snowflakes Source

Pastels may be the colors of spring, but an ombre of purple and blue pastels look cute all year round. Follow the holiday memo by hand-painting snowflake patterns in white polish. 

24. Holiday Spirit

Holiday Spirit Source

It’s a no-brainer that you’ll go for red this season, but spice it up a little by incorporating variation of textures. Try a bit of glitter, gloss, and textured acrylic for an attention-grabbing set.

23. Two-toned Glam

Two-toned Glam Source

This two-toned design is a twist on the classic white mani. The negative space-inspired silver strip and navy blue half add layers of depth, making the nails seem longer.

22. White & Gold

White & Gold Source

This pearly shade of white is a stunning substitute to the classic white polish. Its’ muted tone allows for a shimmery accent to stand out, like a splash of gold glitter on the nail beds.

21. Festive Polka Dots

Festive Polka Dots Source

If you’re looking for an easy design to try at home, this cheery polka dot art fits the bill. Use a shimmery gold polish as base, and then add random dots of red and white all over your nails.

20. Blue Christmas

Blue Christmas Source

Snowy winter nights are just too dreamy, so why not hand-paint them on your nails this year? Frosted pine trees, swirly snowflakes, and sparkly white glitter are all you need to recreate this Christmas-themed nail art.

19. Festive Gold Foil

Festive Gold Foil Source

A solid matte maroon polish might look too moody for the holiday festivities. Add some flecks of gold foil on one tip to achieve effortless elegance and the feel of the yuletide season.

18. Classic White

Classic White Source

You can’t go wrong with a classic white manicure, especially in winter. A glossy version of this all-time favorite makes everything look fashionable -- from bright Christmas sweaters to dark moody coats, and even rich patterns.

17. Studded Nude

Studded Nude Source

If sealing the deal is on the cards for you and your partner, then a manicure should be in your agenda this engagement season. Opt for a nude with stud details for a ring-ready look.

16. Cool Colors

Cool Colors Source

Can’t decide which color to try? Good thing multicolored sets are trending. You can mix and match your favorite shades, or opt for a clean color palette like white, grey and black. Coat one tip with glitter for extra shine.

15. Deep Purple

Deep Purple Source

Vampy colors are more than welcome in the cold season. This deep purple polish is vibrant and fun, perfect for all the parties lined up in your calendar this month.

14. Neutral Minimalist

Neutral Minimalist Source

Avoid looking basic and boring while wearing neutrals by adding minimalist lines. Whether you’re hand-painting them or using sticker prints, the end result is posh nail art.

13. Cotton Candy Ombre

Cotton Candy Ombre Source

A blue and purple glitter ombre is what you need to perk up during gloomy winter days. It's cute, fun, and lively, with just the right balance of gradient sparkles and solid color.

12. Classy Grey

Classy Grey Source

On days where you’re not keen on spending hours at the nail salon, subtle bling on a cool neutral will do. A lone gem is a nice touch on a simple yet classy grey tone, perfect for busybodies.  

11. Purple Chic

Purple Chic Source

Remember how pretty those purple-tinted Advent candles were growing up? Paint your pointers in the same hue for a nostalgic manicure session at home. The result is a chic color that can take you from one holiday party to another.

10. Christmas Bling

Christmas Bling Source

Caught a bad case of Christmas fever? Cure the seasonal excitement with Christmas-themed nail art! Get gemstones, glitters, hand-painted snowflakes, and textured gel nails in one go for a satisfying mani appointment.

9. Icy Mint

Icy Mint Source

A cool shade of blue is a foolproof choice this winter. The striking contrast of your lacquered tips holding a cup of hot cocoa is a visual fit for your Instagram feed.

8. Rose Gold Frost

Rose Gold Frost Source

A sparkly polish sets the holiday mood even in the coldest days. Color your nails a glittery rose gold for a pop of color that will land you compliments at the Christmas dinner.

7. Silver Snow

Silver Snow Source

Even with its unforgiving chill, winter is still a sight to behold when it snows. Capture the magical color of the sky with a silver glitter polish reminiscent of tinsel.

6. Laid Back Nude

Laid Back Nude Source

Keep it lowkey with a soft neutral color like nude, the go-to shade for a basic yet functional nail design. It matches all colors, gives off a sophisticated vibe, and fades into the skin.

5. Bright Red

Bright Red Source

Chase your winter blues away with a bright red mani. The solid shade is elegant, festive, timeless, and pairs well with any holiday hue. Top it off with a glossy coat and you’re good to go!

4. Frostbit Tips

Frostbit Tips Source

This frosty take on the classic French manicure is the only thing missing from your winter look. The gradient effect makes it look like you dipped your hand on fresh snow.

3. Moody Maroon

Moody Maroon Source

Just because you’re all bundled up in thick sweaters doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy. A deep shade of red topped with a glossy coat boosts confidence like no other.

2. Glossy Grey

Glossy Grey Source

Not a fan of bright colors? Go for a cool neutral like grey, an understated color that looks good even after the celebrations. Add a pop of silver glitter on your nail beds for a hint of sparkle.

1. Frozen-Inspired

Frozen-Inspired Source

Like Elsa, don’t let the cold bother you and get these Frozen-inspired manis. After a long winter’s day, there’s nothing more satisfying than removing your gloves to reveal icy blue polish and glittery blue tips.

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