Trendy Summer Nail Designs

Trendy Summer Nail Designs

Summer isn’t just the best season for road trips and pool parties, it’s also the best time to try bold, colorful, and adventurous nails. Get your topcoats ready because we’ve put together 34 of our favorite nail art and nail designs you can try this summer.

There are tons of Summer nail trend variations you can try, it all depends on your taste and how creative you want to be. Don’t be afraid to experiment and enjoy! What summer nail design trends are you trying this summer? Ask your friends and sound off in the comments below. 

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34. Neon Bolts

Neon Bolts Source

Want your nails to shock like lightning? Try out these cute neon lightning bolts on top of a nude base. Use a toothpick or a gel nail pen to paint your lightning bolts on. It’s graphic, playful, and a scene-stealer.

33. Colors of the Sun and Sea

Colors of the Sun and Sea Source

Who wouldn’t want to sport this nail design during the Summer? It’s retro, a mood booster, and it’s easy to do. Choose your sun and sea shades then have fun with it! Your waves don’t have to be perfect, as long as you’re getting creative liking what you have.

32. Paint Me Lilac

Paint Me Lilac Source

Lilac looks good with any type of skin tone, not to mention how versatile it is depending on the shade. The palest pastel can make you look elegant, while the more vibrant makes you look playful. Its simplistic beauty should be a staple every summer.

31. Beach Stripes

Beach Stripes Source

I’m sure you’ve seen these stripes during the Summer. Whether that's on a banner, an umbrella, a beach towel, or even a one-piece swimsuit. Why not go all out and paint them on your nails? These vertical stripes and color combos will immediately have you thinking of Summer.

30. Colored Leopard

Colored Leopard Source

You don’t always have to stick to basic browns, whites, blacks, or neutrals for your animal print mani. Show them your true colors by going for vibrant and bold colors to fill in your spots. 

29. Hints of Citrus

Hints of Citrus Source

Accent nails have been on trend for quite some time, but what can elevate this design even further? Citrus nail stickers! Decide which finger you want to highlight then add some citrus nail decals. Then choose a color that compliments your stickers to paint the rest of your nails.

28. Butterfly Tips

Butterfly Tips Source

Wanna incorporate butterfly motifs to your nail art even when your skills aren’t A+ level? Easy! Try mixing confetti butterflies and some glitter on your clear topcoat. Paint them on for an effervescent sparkle wherever you go.

27. Seashells

Seashells Source

Unleash your inner mermaid this season by adding touches of aquatic decor on your nails. The seashells will make you look like mermaid royalty. Plus the sparkly blue tips will make it look like you dipped your hands in water. 

26. Tooty Fruity

Tooty Fruity Source

Make your nails look extra delectable by adding a cocktail of your favorite fruits. You can go for strawberries, watermelons, oranges, bananas, kiwis, or even cherries! Combine your fruits of choice with cherries or a plain multi-colored base for a fun take on the trend.

25. Studded Nudist

Studded Nudist Source

Try adding some studs for an extra edge on your nude nails. The satisfying subtle gold studs will look great with any outfit! You can choose which nude shade fits best with your skin tone, and the placement of the studs is up to you.

24. Summer Sparkles

Summer Sparkles Source

Amp your usual nude nail by adding colorful graphic sparkles on top, no we don’t mean glitter. You can still add some sparkle without the actual sparkle.

23. Retro Florals

Retro Florals Source

As Austin Powers likes to say, “Groovy baby!” These peeking florals are perfect on stiletto or almond nails. You can place the flowers on different corners of your fingers. Then you can choose a color palette that goes with the vibe you want.

22. Denim Blue

Denim Blue Source

Don Draper once said, “Make it simple, but significant.” This denim blue trend may seem simple in comparison, but it still makes a statement. Pair this with your favorite blue jeans or shorts to match any occasion.

21. Birds of Summer

Birds of Summer Source

Spice up your Summer nail design by incorporating cartoon tropical birds. This particular flamingo design has our hearts fluttering with its cute character. The added glitters on the pastel blue nails make it look like water.

20. Liquid Tie Dye

Liquid Tie Dye Source

We’re all awed by this melting tie-dye nail design! It’s groovy and could be the coolest Summer nail art trend going around. You can DIY at home by adding drops of different colors on a pan then swirling them with a brush. Add them on top of your base coat and you have your tie-dyed nails.

19. French Tip Revolution

French Tip Revolution Source

Give new life to the classic French tip by adding color blocks for a fun and festive Summer vibe. Achieve this look by pairing colors that are opposites on the color wheel. It makes for an interesting yet complementary match.

18. Lime Punch

Lime Punch Source

Ready for loud, bold, eye-watering colors this Summer? Inject your nails with some bright green neon nails. This plain colored trend strips away all the fancy details and extra designs. It relies on the color to speak for itself.

17. Emojis

Emojis Source

People say to wear your heart on your sleeve, so why not paint your mood on your nails? Let the whole world know how you’re feeling this Summer by adding small emoji details to your next mani session. 

16. Chasing Palm Trees

Chasing Palm Trees Source

What’s more Summer than palm trees and the beach? Nothing! We’re obsessing over this pink and teal combo that’s like a Summer vacation on your fingertips, literally! The added black palm tree ties in the entire nail design and makes it stand out from the loud color duo. 

15. Colors of the Rainbow

Colors of the Rainbow Source

Stop stressing about your next mani color, throw away the rulebook, and go all out this Summer. Let the rainbow sit on your fingertips. Bring out the reds, blues, yellows, neons, pastels, and jewel tones and go vivid.

14. Pocketful of Sunshine

Pocketful of Sunshine Source

The off-center vertical design gives off an ‘80s vibe that’s retro and playful. Make it fit the season by using warm tones to make it feel like the Summer sun. Whether you DIY or get it done by a professional, the design will never fail to put you in a good mood.

13. Retro Waves

Retro Waves Source

It’s the era of new retro! Bring out your inner ‘60s-’70s babe by opting for a color palette you might’ve seen in a Beatles music video. Cop the nail trend by experimenting with bold colors and adding swirls, petals, or wavy lines.

12. Sunset Bay

Sunset Bay Source

Summer sunsets make for awesome memories - and aesthetic Instagram photos. Bring the sunset to life by trying out this unique Summer nail trend. The blending of the yellow and pinkish hues makes your nails look like an afternoon sunset by the beach.

11. Double Frenchie

Double Frenchie Source

The double French elevates the clean, simple and sophisticated French Tip by making it fun and graphic. Adding that extra line can make all the difference. The best part is that you can experiment with whatever color you want. 

10. Rhinestone Fantasy

Rhinestone Fantasy Source

Dress up your nails and feel like royalty this Summer. Add jewels and rhinestones for a regal and elegant design. Customize and add as much as you want for that sparkle that’s fit for a queen. 

9. Abstract Color Waves

Abstract Color Waves Source

Colored blocks, messy swoops, squiggly swirls are all the rage this Summer. Achieve this abstract effect by using asymmetrical shapes, forms, gestural marks, in varying colors. The look is playful, fun, and even a little retro.

8. Lined

Lined Source

Make your usual nude nail feel modern by adding thin sharp lines. It’s a subtle and stunning stand out for your everyday look. Feel free to switch up the directions of the lines using striping tape to make them look sharp and angled.

7. Dainty Florals

Dainty Florals Source

No need to plant a garden! Recreate these delicate florals with a toothpick, the end of a bobby pin, or the tip of a pencil. Dot around until you have your little daisies, add a top coat and you’re good to go.

6. Nudist

Nudist Source

One shade of nude is never enough! Go the nudist route this Summer by painting your nails different shades of nude. Combine different shades of neutrals, browns, whites, tans, and mustard yellows. Paint one shade each down your fingertips for the perfect nude mix. 

5. Pastel French Daydreams

Pastel French Daydreams Source

Live out your pastel daydream fantasy by choosing more subtle color palettes. The retro appeal is all thanks to the French tip’s decades of being on-trend from the ‘70s to now. It’s classic, fun, and perfect for the summer sun.

4. Rainbow Pop

Rainbow Pop Source

Can’t decide on a color? Try them all! Summer is the best time to bring out all the colors you wouldn’t try during any other time of the year. Now’s the time to go big and bold!

3. Fruit Punch Detailing

Fruit Punch Detailing Source

Jam out to Harry Styles’ watermelon sugar high with nails as cute as these. You can show your love for your favorite fruit Summer refreshers by adding them to your next mani design. This super playful nail trend is a pretty addition to your pool party outfit.

2. Gold Liquid Venetian Terrazzo

Gold Liquid Venetian Terrazzo Source

To get this elegant Venetian Terrazzo look, grow your nails or try acrylics in a long almond shape. Add a clear or nude base, then start adding splatters of different shades on the tips. Line them with gold for that classy touch and voila!

1. Hot Pink French Tips

Hot Pink French Tips Source

We love seeing modernized classic nail trends. This twist on the classic French tip nail design uses a pink nude base topped with a hot pink edge for great minimal pops of color throughout the summer.

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