32 Trendy Fall Nail Designs

32 Trendy Fall Nail Designs

The arrival of fall calls for a wardrobe change -- and that includes your nails too! With festivities just around the corner, it’s high time you pamper yourself with a manicure. Know what to get from this round up of best floral and foliage prints, classic polishes, and edgy fall nail art:

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With so many seasonal trends popping up over the years, it’s hard to keep track. We compiled the best autumn nail art under this list to help you find inspiration. Let us know in the comments below which designs you’re considering for your next manicure appointment. Share this article to help others decide what to try next!

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32. Tie Dye

Tie Dye Source

Summer may have ended, but this nail trend is here to stay. A gradient of your favorite tropical tints is the pop of color you need to brighten up your moody autumn look.

31. Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Nails Source

Some nails look too good to be true -- and they’re not. Acrylic nails are fake nails glued on top of natural nails. The acrylic base becomes whatever shape you want, making it easier to achieve your desired look.

30. Negative Space

Negative Space Source

Negative space is a low-maintenance approach to manicure. Your preferred style is only on the top half, while the nail beds are in clear polish. This low maintenance design can last you up to a month!

29. Wire Work

Wire Work Source

Take your nail art to the next level with a wire work finish. Bend a colored wire in whatever shape you like, place it on a freshly polished nail then dry under UV light. The result: minimalist nails with wire art.

28. Gold Foil

Gold Foil Source

Gold foil in any nail design guarantees a lustrous finish. This accent fits any style or color, but looks exceptionally pretty with burnt orange, oxblood, and other shades of autumn.

27. Soft Neutral

Soft Neutral Source

Going back to basics is always a good idea, and for manicures that means a soft neutral look. Colors like beige, taupe, and ivory fade into the skin and ages well even with chipping.

26. Angled Tips

Angled Tips Source

All you need is a scotch tape, your autumnal polish and a bit of creative juice for this fun nail trend. The slanted orientation makes the nails look longer and artistic.

25. Fall Colors

Fall Colors Source

Can’t decide which autumn color suits you best? Get them all in one go. Multicolored nails are a fun way to stick to a color scheme, and the style looks good in both matte and glossy coats.

24. Punk Pink

Punk Pink Source

A good solid color is a nice break from all the glitter. If your sparkly tips are on the lighter side, strike a balance by opting for a darker tone. 

23. Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat Source

This spooky design combines all your favorite techniques in one: matte finish, glossy drip effect, glittery base, and hand-painted characters. Mix and match until you get your desired halloween look!

22. Nude & Bling

Nude & Bling Source

Gemstones and blings can be subtle too with a muted color like nude. For just the right hint of sparkle, place the accents on the nail bed and top with a glossy finish.

21. Abstract Posh

Abstract Posh Source

Abstract nail art on gel polish is on a whole new different level. Layers of polish include accents like gold foil and studs, as well as shapes and lines. The end result is a stunning mix of colors and textures.

20. Minimalist Lines

Minimalist Lines Source

Achieve a clean and sophisticated look with thin minimalist lines decked with a strip of gold. This style’s crisp details turn sharper in focus against lighter shades of nude and mauve.

19. Two-Toned

Two-Toned Source

Unlike ombre colors, this two-toned technique leaves a negative space in the middle. The ink-stained effect on either side of the nail gives the look an interesting appeal.

18. Foliage Glitter

Foliage Glitter Source

There’s no such thing as “too much” glitter. Go all out in nature-inspired hues for a shimmer similar to the sunlit leaves falling outside your window this time of year.


17. Foliage Hue

Foliage Hue Source

Take inspiration from nature and paint your nails lush green. This solid color may look simple at first glance, but its glossy top coat gives it a sophisticated shine. 

16. Rose Gold Shimmer

Rose Gold Shimmer Source

A shimmery rose gold polish never gets old. You can wear it for parties, formal dinners, or even just for fun. It gives your nails an instant spark of color that looks good all year round.

15. Pumpkin Art

Pumpkin Art Source

Pumpkins are back in business, especially in nail art. Catch up on the seasonal favorite and get it hand-painted on earthy tones like mint green, nude or pink for a charming finish.  

14. Autumn Abstract

Autumn Abstract Source

If sticker patterns aren’t meeting your creative taste, you can always get crafty with a hand-painted abstract design. Put together shapes, colors, and accents with the help of a nail technician. Or if you can, try it on your own.  

13. Creative Tips

Creative Tips Source

These multicolor matte french tips are fun and expressive without the fuss. All you need is scotch tape, your choice of autumnal hues, and a matte top coat for that au naturale effect.

12. 3D Accent

3D Accent Source

A subtle sparkle is all you need to improve any kind of manicure. Gemstones and studs are good options for their sizes, and you only need a few of them to create the shine you need. 

11. Modern French Tips

Modern French Tips Source

Keep your French manicure last by painting the white line on the corners of your nails instead of the tip. This geometric version keeps it simple without losing the style’s signature posh look.

10. Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves Source

You can never go wrong with a classic print of foliage patterns. Whether you like it with a subtle hint of sparkle or a subdued tone, these nail art stickers are cute, simple, and easy to apply.

9. Holographic Glitter

Holographic Glitter Source

Glittery tips are the go-to style for all seasons, but this gradient holographic puts a new spin on the classic. Its multicolor glitter shines extra brighter against twilight-inspired tones.

8. Minimalist Gold Foil

Minimalist Gold Foil Source

A strip of gold makes all the difference, especially on nude or clear nails. The imperfect lines are Kintsugi-inspired, a Japanese art that embraces flaws.

7. Holographic Chrome

Holographic Chrome Source

Experience a new kind of cool with a set of these holographic chrome nails. This eye-catching look is simple but the metallic color leaves a lasting impression.

6. Ink Stain Art

Ink Stain Art Source

Ink stains used to ruin nails, but now it’s the latest mani trend. Bring out the marbled pattern with a deep color like purple, topped with hints of gold foil to match the season. 

5. Fall Flowers

Fall Flowers Source

Sweater weather is here, and what better way to brighten the gloomy days than floral patterns? Include your nails in the autumnal theme with this flowery nail print. 

4. Picasso Inspo

Picasso Inspo Source

This Pablo Picasso-inspired minimalist line art can blend with any solid color, but a darker base contrasts well with the white lines. Finish with a matte coat for a simple yet stylish result.

3. Cartoon Chic

Cartoon Chic Source

Shy at parties? Make your nails a conversation starter by adding your favorite cartoon character in the design. You can have it hand-painted or glued on as a 3D accent.

2. Drip & Glitter

Drip & Glitter Source

Glossy drip art and black glitter on a matte onyx base is the look you should go for this coming Halloween. It’s elegant, edgy, and gothic chic if added on claw-cut nails.

1. Gold Studs

Gold Studs Source

A bit of bling never hurt anyone, so why not opt for a sparkly set? Feel ultrafeminine with this gold-studded design on a glossy black and pink colorway.

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