Trekology Ultralight Inflating Pillows

Best Camping and Travel Pillow

Why people love it
  • Guaranteed to make your overnight camping trip more comfortable
  • Fits in any hiking backpack or carry-on bag
  • Ergonomic design; keeps your neck and head supported as you sleep

The stitching of the pillow and carry case is  prone to wear; and the valve is difficult to open.


Performance: If you can't survive without a good night's sleep, this camping and travel pillow is just what you need. It's designed to roll up to the size of a soda can (2 inches across, 5 inches tall), so it fits in any backpack, hiking bag, or carry-on suitcase. You'll find it's beautifully easy to inflate and deflate, and the ergonomic design makes for a great night of rest.

The contour of the pillow is compatible with airplanes and hard, rocky campgrounds; and it's durable enough to keep up with years of regular use. There's even a lifetime guarantee just in case the joints on the pillow begin to wear out (a common problem).

Features: The ergonomic design cushions your head and supports your neck comfortably for both side and back sleepers. The pillow backing has slip-resistant material so the pillow stays firmly in place as you sleep. The secondary valve can be very difficult to open, but the primary valve makes it easy to inflate/deflate the pillow.

Price: At $14, this is only slightly more expensive than your typical travel pillow. Considering how compact it is, you'll find it's a beautiful addition to your work and recreational life.


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