Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow

Best Travel Pillow for Full Lateral Support

Why people love it
  • Easy to inflate
  • Compact
  • Great product

Without the extra cover, it’s not terribly comfortable. Nor is it machine washable.


This doesn’t look like other inflatable airplane pillows. That’s because it’s in a class of its own. The length of this pillow provides complete lateral support which makes it perfect for chronic pain sufferers who must travel. (What’s pain compared to visiting family?) It just provides that extra bit of support.

When deflated, it’s super compact and can be snapped onto the handle of your carry on which makes it far more portable than some of the other unusually shaped models. And, you shouldn’t let the size of this travel neck pillow – and therefore the energy (or breath) needed to inflate it – discourage you. There’s a handy little mechanism to make that easier than imagined. (No really, you have to see it.)

Additionally, you can attach this to your headrest or just prop it up on your body. But, it is an inflatable pillow and the surface is not really as comfortable as you want it to be. There is an additional cover available which makes it way more user-friendly; but it will set you back an additional $20 or so. That said, the benefits might just outweigh the price.

What’s it made of? It’s a synthetic plastic with a sort of velvety finish. We strongly suggest the additional cover for long-haul comfort.

What support does it offer? It promotes proper alignment while preventing your head from falling forward.

How do you wash it? You can only wipe it clean, which isn’t terribly convenient. But, we’re willing to overlook it because of the excellent support.

How big is it? Inflated, it measures 26 x 7.9 x 5.9”. Deflated and properly rolled, this travel pillow measures a mere 9 x 3 x 2”.

How much does it weigh? 6.5 oz

What colors are available? Blue, red, grey, and moss

Will it break the bank? You should expect to pay about $26 which falls within the average range of travel pillows, though on the higher side of it. Still, it’s a very reasonable price – unless you get that extra cover.

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