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You can fit a surprising amount of stuff in this expandable suitcase. It’s well-made and fits airline regulations without any hassles.

It is on the expensive side and it could be a little lighter.


Details: You can fit about a week’s worth of clothing (depending on your style and needs, of course) into this carry on and it will keep those items in good condition while you travel. Additionally, this case expands by about 2” if you happen to travel by train or car.

One of the best features is a surprise – the zippers are reinforced for durability. While the included suiter is decent, the interior pockets are strangely placed and sized. If they work for you, you’ll fall in love with them; if not, you may find them a nuisance. The exterior pockets are, however, useful. The price with the lifetime warranty is a good deal – as long as you don’t pay full price.

Durability and construction: The high-density ballistic nylon is coated with DuraGuard to keep it from wearing out too quickly.

Design: Soft-case wheeler

Dimensions: We love that this bag measures 22” x 14” x 9”. That’s exactly what’s needed to fit into airline standards – and you won’t have any problems getting into those sizers in front of airline personnel.

Weight: Now, it’s not the absolute lightest carry on at 7 pounds 11 ounces, but it’s hardly the heaviest either.

Pockets and storage: There are 4 interior pockets, though you may find them oddly-sized. But, we love the 2 exterior pockets. No, actually, we just appreciate the one that fits a 16” laptop comfortably.

Handles and wheels: The handle is patented as it minimizes the wobbles and has adjustable heights. This PowerScope handle can extend to 38", 40" and 42.5". You can pull it comfortably and so can your children. The inline skate wheels don’t allow for multi-directional movement, but they are smooth.

Security: There’s nothing built-in, but you can always add your own, of course.

Colors available: This carry on comes in either black or olive.

Price and warranty: Woah, the MSRP is a whopping $580. Thankfully, you will never need to pay that much. You should expect something closer to the $250 mark. And, we’d be happy to pay that price for the quality you receive. But, they would definitely need to up their game to ensure value-for-money over $320. Luckily, you get Travelpro's Worry-Free Warranty which lasts a lifetime.


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