Why people love it
  • A  suitcase built for easy traveling and maximum convenience
  • Built-in USB power bank, never run out of battery again
  • Durable, comfortable, reliable

The choice of professional flight crews, this spinner suitcase is small enough to fit anywhere, durable enough to last, and comes with all the conveniences you need for easy travel.

The wheels aren’t the highest quality; carry-on may shimmy while rolling.


Details: This suitcase is the chosen option for flight crews around the country, thanks to its compact size and convenient design. Not only is it small enough to fit in any storage bin, but it’s sleek, stylish, and easy to move around.

The built-in battery bank is its real bonus feature, and you’ll never have to worry about running out of battery life again. All you have to do is plug your phone or tablet into the external USB charging port, and your suitcase will keep your devices ready for action.

Durability and construction: The ballistic nylon fabric is covered with a DuraGuard water-, stain-, and scratch-resistant coating that will keep your contents protected even in heavy rain. The fiberglass frame may not weigh much (a good thing), but it’s tough enough to handle years of regular use.

Design: Soft-case wheeler

Dimensions: This measures 21” x 14” x 9” which is just under the airline maximum for carry ons.

Weight: At 7.2 pounds, this is a wonderfully light bag that will make for easy traveling no matter how much you have to carry.

Pockets and storage: The bag comes with side mesh pockets, wet pockets, and a full-length interior lid pocket—all the additional space you need for your smaller items. There’s even a removable hanging garment bag included just in case you’re traveling with suits or jackets.

Handles and wheels: The handles are made with premium leather, and they’re low-profile enough that they won’t get in the way of pushing your suitcase into a storage bin. The PowerScope retractable handle comes with three length settings (38”, 40”, and 42.5”), perfect for users of all sizes.

The wheels are where the bag falls slightly short. While they are magnetic, 360-degree dual spinner wheels, they have enough shimmy (wobble) that you’ll feel the vibrations as you walk.

Security: There aren’t any built-in locks, but the SUPRA zippers are very tough and are compatible with padlocks.

Colors available: Available in black, Patriot Blue, Mahogany Brown, and Indigo.

Price and warranty: The price tag on this is a bit higher than you might like, but considering that you get a lifetime warranty, it may be a price worth paying to get a bag you’ll use for the rest of your life.

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