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You can’t compact this pillow. Plus, it’s really rather basic and you can expect it to bleed in the wash.


If you’re on a strict budget – or you really just need something for the one short flight you take annually, this is a good option. But, we can’t say it’s perfect for long hauls or regular travelers.

For a start, the memory foam inside doesn’t provide complete support – or at least not enough for most people. And yet, you can’t compact it like some competitors. So it’s not small or supportive. But there are a few features which set this apart from the super-cheap inflatable options.

There is an insert in the back which can be removed so your head isn’t pushed forward. And, there’s an elastic strap that makes it easy to attach it to your carry on luggage. It’s also softer than inflatable options. But, other than that, you shouldn’t expect much – except for a lower price.

What’s it made of? The velour cover is a combination of cotton (75%) and polyester (25%); it covers high-quality memory foam.

What support does it offer? Specifically supports your neck.

How do you wash it? Feel free to remove the insert (through the zippered opening) and machine wash the cover.

How big is it? 11 x 12 x 3.8”

How much does it weigh? 5.9 oz

What colors are available? Dark blue and grey

Will it break the bank? Nope. This is the best budget offering out there. You should expect to pay about $13-15. That’s about half the average price as most travel pillows.

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