Carry your passport and protect your financial data with RFID blocking.

  • RFID blocking protects your cards
  • Made with soft, black leather
  • Holds passport, cash and cards without becoming bulky

You want to stay away from oversized travel wallets when you leave the US; they're like an advertisement that you don't belong. And that leads to thievery.  Wherever you are in the world, RFID protection ensures your card data is safe.  The soft leather and ability to hold a standard passport just seems like a bonus, doesn't it.

What Reviewers Say: 

Although there are not a huge amount of reviews on Amazon for this product, no one has given it less than 4 stars, which is very impressive.

  • "I looked carefully at the wallet and found the leather finish was smooth and unmarred. The sewing was tight and straight. The pockets were all perfect. There are 8 total pockets. You have, best I can tell, 3 or 4 different places you can put the passport. The 4th one would be just to put it in the largets pocket with your money... Overall I am pleased with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone"
  • "So happy to report that this wallet hit the spot for me."
  • "I tested the RFID blocking functionality with my office key card and it worked well... Other than that I am very happy with it. It looks nice and is well made."
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