Tired of dealing with the garbage? Of course you are. You have to take it out (on the right day), refill the bags and well, just generally deal with it. Now, imagine there was an app for that. Well, actually, imagine there was a smart garbage can to help you manage it all. Now picture that can with a vacuum cleaner. Now, meet Bruno - he's your new best friend.


You're reading this right. Bruno is a smart garbage can that also vacuums the dust and debris that you feed him. No more bending to sweep that into the can. What else makes his baby smart? It stores the garbage bags you need for auto refills and it's got that ever important app to remind you when to take out the garbage and more. Bruno comes in a few different colors and pretty damn sexy to boot. 

Bruno is currently in the funding stages - you can get in on the action on Kickstarter. We suggest doing that now.

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