Why people love it
  • Super easy cleaning; you can basically wipe and go
  • Withstands a daily beating (as long as you use the right utensils)
  • Nothing sticks, food just slides across the pan

  • The price (for any size of the pan) makes this a winner
  • NSF-certified and PFOA-free for complete peace of mind
  • Seriously easy to clean and plenty of sizes available to suit your needs
  • Not induction compatible

The thick cast-aluminum helps the pan to heat evenly every single time; this pan is definitely one of the best for even cooking.

It's also NSF-certified for safety (along with being PFOA-free). We've looked specifically at the 10" size and the sheer number of recommendations it has, but there are lots of sizes. Just be sure to read the manual before you get to work.

Sizes available:

  • 8”
  • 10”
  • 12”
  • 14”

Oven safe: Yes, up to 400°F.

Induction safe: Nope, but are you surprised?

Lid: Not included.

Handles: The stainless steel handle is long and comfortable to hold. It remains cool to the touch through the silicon cover which can be removed if you want to stick this in the oven. There's also a hole in the handle for hanging.

Base material: The heavy-gauge, commercial-grade cast aluminum lends itself to the perfect weight and balance of this pan.

PFOA-free: Of course.

Nonstick material: This has a reinforced Eclipse™ industrial-strength non-stick coating that should remain scratch-free for at least 3 years, as long as you treat it right. And truly, even sticky foods just slide around in the pan.

Dishwasher safe: Sure is!

Cleaning: Food and grease literally just wipes out of the pan when you're done with it. Users find it ridiculously easy to clean. Although the advertising says dishwasher-safe, you really shouldn't - to preserve the life of your pan.

Warranty: Lifetime warranty.

Price: It's less than $25 for the standard 10" pan, which is an amazing price. But, if you want the super-large 14", you'll pay just over $40 which is still a super deal.

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