Garmin Fenix 5X

Best Snowboarding Activity Monitor

Why people love it
  • Loaded with features to help you track and analyze your snowboarding performance
  • Sapphire glass watch face will never crack or scratch
  • ABC (Altimeter, Barometer, Compass) ensures you'll never get lost on the mountains

Larger and heavier than most running watches and VERY pricey.


Performance: This is a watch built for hardcore use! With a stainless steel case, the choice of metal or silicone band, and sapphire glass, you've got a watch that will survive any snowboarding slope or cross-country ski trip.

Despite the rugged design, it's a surprisingly sophisticated watch, built with a lot of features to help you track run performance. The built-in GPS sensors will help you track your location in the mountains, and the 3-axis compass will keep you from getting lost. With a gyroscope and barometric altimeter, you have everything you need to find your way back down the mountain.

The watch has a built-in widget that displays your training load, training status, and smart notifications. Thanks to its compatibility with Garmin Connect, you can upload your data to the online community and personalize your digital watch features.

Features: The watch comes with full-color TOPO U.S. maps, complete with the option to program your positions and snowboarding routes ahead of time. The GPS tracker is highly accurate and will help you stay updated on your position on the slopes.

The built-in heart rate monitor is fairly accurate, though its ANT+ compatible, so you can connect it to any chest strap monitor. The digital features include settings for not just snow sports, but also cycling, running, climbing, HIIT training, and so much more. With the basic smart watch capabilities, you can check your texts and receive alerts of new messages or emails.

Price: At $600, this is a VERY pricey watch. However, for snowboarders who want to track their performance and fitness metrics, it's an investment worth making.

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