TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi A19 LED Bulb

Best Smart Light for Home Automation

Why people love it
  • Wonderfully easy to setup
  • Works with Alexa
  • Easy to use with the fantastic app

These Wi-Fi lights are compatible with Amazon Echo and Alexa devices to take your home to the next level, but you can control your lights from anywhere with the app. Bulbs come in 50W and 60W equivalents and additional color options are available.

Some users report issues keeping the Wi-Fi connections stable, which sometimes means lights adhere to their own schedules (which you may not enjoy).


There are lots of reasons we recommend the TP-Link bulbs, beginning with the sturdy construction of the bulbs themselves. You get all the color and dimming options you want, plus the ability to program your lights and work with them anywhere you’re connected to WI-Fi. We’re especially fans of the tunable white bulb that allows you to mimic daylight when you want everything to feel like a long, peaceful spring day.

Sadly, you can’t control groups of lights, but you can set them to work at the same time, and the app is remarkably intuitive. Also, there’s no geofencing on this, but you will be able to tell Alexa to turn on the lights when you walk in the door. A serious bonus of these lights is the complete lack of hub, but the ability to link with Alexa and Echo if you like. No need for Bluetooth or Zigbee. You kind of have to appreciate that simplicity. But, on the same tip, you need to buy into the Amazon systems to make this part of an overall Smart home system. If that’s fine with you, then you’re gonna love these lights.

What systems does it connect to? These TP-Link Smart lights connect to Amazon Alexa and Echo devices relatively seamlessly. You can also use the free app for Android or iOS on your phone or tablet.

How does it connect? Now, you don’t need a hub for these lights, but you can only control them one at a time. Of course, you can program entire rooms, but you still will need to schedule each light to go on, off, or dim individually.

What colors are available? Bulbs are available in 50W and 50W (equivalent) white and a dynamic color option (with 16 million colors). There’s also a tunable white bulb that ranges from soft white to daylight. That should inspire you to start programming your lights rather than controlling them reactively.

Lumens? You’ll get a lovely 800 lumens out of these bulbs. That’s not bad at all. In fact, it’s quite good.

Watts or watts equivalent? The actual wattage draw on your power supply is 11, but you get the equivalent of 60 watts on that. There is also that 50-watt bulb available. And, the app has a handy little energy usage screen, so you can play around with settings until you’re as green as can be.

How long should a light bulb last? Based on the three-hour daily norm, each Smart bulb should last 22.8 years. That’s much longer than the two-year warranty you get with each light.

Cost for an individual bulb or fitting? If you’re looking to go all out with color in your home, you’ll pay about $50 per bulb, which is on the pricy side. But, if you’re more of a 60-watt-white kind of a person, you’ll pay about half. For the lower wattage bulb, you’ll pay somewhere in the middle.

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