Why people love it
  • 6" thickness delivers a VERY stable platform
  • Wonderfully easy to store, simply deflate
  • More portable; doesn't require a roof rack to transport

Air valve tends to leak.


The Details: For the guy who loves paddleboarding, this is the perfect gift. It's lightweight yet surprisingly sturdy, thanks to the 6" thickness. It will feel solid under his feet as he paddles—it can even handle the weight of a small pet.

The boards look and feel like regular paddleboards, but they can be deflated for easy transportation and storage. The quality is excellent, build is solid, and despite occasional leaks in the air valve, it's a board you definitely want to use!

Price: $525 is a very fair price to pay for a quality paddleboard. It's far less than you'd pay for other inflatable boards, yet with a higher quality and more reliable design than the higher-priced options.

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