Toto Washlet S300e

Best Smart Toilet Overall

Why people love it
  • Convenient automatic operation
  • Easy to install and use
  • Beautifully customizable according to your preferences

Blow dryer lacks power.


Have an inner need to control everything?  This is the toilet gadget for you.  It has a dryer and a remote control to make sure you're ready to face the world without any discomfort. 


Features: The features packed into this toilet seat are amazing. You get a seat warmer to ensure the seat is nice and toasty (even on those cold nights), a heater to warm up the water before washing yourself, a wand for easy washing, a deodorizer to keep your toilet smelling nice and clean, and even a warm air dryer to eliminate the need for toilet paper.

Thanks to the remote control, you can adjust the water pressure, temperature, and direction without having to fiddle with buttons on the toilet seat itself. The LCD Panel on the remote control makes adjustments easy. On the highest setting, you get excellent water pressure, but you can turn it down if you want to wash with a gentler stream. You may need to use a piece of tissue to dry off even after the air dryer does its work, but at least you've got a VERY clean derriere!

Design: This sleek, low-profile toilet seat will look good in any bathroom, and it's designed with your comfort in mind. You'll love the SoftClose design, which ensures that the toilet seat never "bangs" shut.

The seat is compatible with Round Front toilets, but there are models compatible with other toilet bowl sizes. Strong chemicals will damage the plastic toilet seat, but the antibacterial material used to build the seat will help to kill off germs.

Price: At $843, this is a pricey toilet seat. However, when you consider all its features and capabilities, you'll find that it's absolutely worth it!

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