Toto HW300-W Portable Travel Washlet

Best Portable Bidet Toilet Washer

Why people love it
  • Makes it easy to wash up no matter where you are
  • Holds enough water for a good wash
  • Easily filled from any tap or water source

Lacks the features of most smart toilet seats.


Travel shouldn't be a pain - get a portable washlet to bring with you wherever you go. This tiny portable washlet is easily filled with warm water to give you the ability to clean while you're away from home. 


Features: You don't get many features from this travel washlet, but it serves its purpose perfectly! Simply fill the 180 ml (3/4 cup) tank, extend the wand, and get washing. The tank is designed to be filled in any tap, or you can even fill it in the shower or bath. It has two washing modes to help you give your derriere the personalized cleaning it has grown accustomed to at home.

Design: This little portable washlet is the perfect thing to carry with you at all times. Less than 6 inches long and 3 inches wide, it can fit in your car, suitcase, or even your carry-on. It's lightweight and comes with its own travel case, and is resistant to cleaning products and strong chemicals. With its convenient design, you can wash yourself with just the push of a button.

Price: At $80, this is a beautifully affordable option for those who need to use a washlet on the go! You can always have your own simple bidet handy no matter where you are.

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