Why people love it
  • Protect your stylish hairdo from wind and rain
  • Clear canopy keeps you fully visible to those around you
  • Durable, reliable, and backed by a lifetime warranty

Designed for single-person use and challenging to close.


Construction: This umbrella is fairly durable, with steel ribs that can handle medium winds (nothing over 45 MPH, unless you're willing to risk the umbrella bending) and sturdy PVC canopy. The clear umbrella canopy makes it easy to see what's happening around you, as well as to let others see you. You've invested all that time, effort, and money into making your face and hair look good—don't let a rainy day stop others from seeing you looking your best!

The bubble design is intended for single-person use, so you won't be able to offer shelter to others. However, you'll find it's great for protecting a fragile hairdo from the wind, making it ideal for sheltering on a day when you need your hair game on point.

Be warned: the closure is a bit difficult. Prepare for some pinched fingers and a bit of wrestling to get the umbrella closed.

Features: The clear dome-shaped canopy offers excellent visibility, so you'll be able to see what's happening around you. When extended, you get 52 inches of protection, but it folds down to just 37 inches in length—your classic stick umbrella!

The PVC canopy is easy to wash by hand, or you can clean it off with a rag to improve visibility when wet. The acrylic handle is comfortable in your hand, and it will offer good grip even if wet. With the luxurious matte silver finish of the shaft, you get an umbrella that looks as stylish and chic as you.

Price: Priced at $22, this is a decent option to consider for daily use, but your best choice for looking trendy in the heaviest downpour. It even comes with a lifetime warranty, making sure you'll never have to buy another umbrella again.

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