Why people love it
  • Look and feel like the classic umbrella-toting gentleman
  • Durable, reliable, and built to last!
  • Hook the umbrella over your arm for easy carrying

Classic stick umbrella design, strong, larger than average canopy, stylish, great rain protection, comfortable to grip, affordable, lifetime warranty, and automatic deploy system.

Heavier than expected and unwieldy in strong winds.


Construction: This stylish umbrella is built in the old-fashioned stick design, so no telescoping shaft, just a long, solid umbrella with a single wooden shaft able to handle a lot of heavy winds and rain. The 100% nylon canopy is larger than you'd get with a foldable umbrella, meaning better protection from rain. The ribs are incredibly durable, and they will not bend even in high winds.

The hardwood handle is prone to scratching, but the rest of the umbrella is more than able to handle regular use. However, the fact that it's heavier than other umbrellas means it can be a bit unwieldy in strong winds.

Features: The umbrella has a simple automatic opening system, which snaps the fiberglass ribs up and out to extend them to their full, glorious 68-inch diameter length (for the XL size umbrella).When it comes time to fold the umbrella up, you'll find it's wonderfully easy to collapse. With the handy little strap, you can easily keep your umbrella neatly wrapped in a tight package.

The crook handle makes it easy to carry the umbrella on your arm, lean it against a wall, or hang it on a chair. You'll feel like a proper gentleman thanks to this classic style!

Price: At $20 for the 48" canopy umbrella, you're getting a great product at an amazing price. If you want an old-school umbrella that can stand up to heavy use, you'll love this model's build, design, and lifetime warranty.

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