Totally Pink Onesie Pajamas

Best Onesie Pajamas for Women

Why people love it
  • Bright, vibrant colors
  • Comfortable fit
  • Thick, warm material

Some reviewers complain that this onesie runs large, so consider buying a smaller size than you usually get.


Fit: We like to be comfortable, so this footless onesie is one of our favorite PJs on this list. It runs big, but that just makes it easier to conceal the evidence of our late-night snack attacks. Black cuffs around the ankles and arms enhance the appearance of the onesie without cutting off circulation in your extremities, and the pullover hood lets you conveniently drown out the sounds of cranky significant others or bossy roommates.

Fabric: Like several of the other best women’s pajamas we’ve featured, this neon onesie is made of soft fleece. It’s gentle on your skin, and it helps prevents heat from escaping. The result? A cozy piece that keeps you snug and toasty all night long.

Maintenance: It’s safe to wash this onesie, but you might want to wash it alone or with similar sleepwear. A couple reviewers lament that the onesie sheds like crazy in the washing machine.

Price: We’ve got no issues with the moderate $30 price tag attached to this comfy onesie.

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