Best Credit Card for People With Low FICO Scores

Total Visa Card
  • Doesn’t require good - or even fair - credit
  • Great for a starter credit card
  • Reports payment history to 3 major credit bureaus
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  • Variable APR
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  • Cash Advance APR
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  • Rewards Rate
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  • Intro APR
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  • Bonus Offers
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Lenient approval process means you have a good chance of getting approved. Doesn’t require a security deposit.

You have to pay a hefty activation fee and an annual fee to use this card. There’s a high interest rate, and payments often take weeks to clear.


Application Process: Apply online and get an immediate response. If you’re approved, you may have to shell out an account activation fee. Everybody pays the same amount regardless of creditworthiness, and all applicants start out with a $300 credit line.

You must have a checking account to get approved, but you can pay the activation fee with a debit card or money order if you prefer. You can pay monthly statements with a debit card, which is a feature many credit cards lack.

Bonus Offers: There are no bonus offers, but this is normal for cards tailored toward folks with bad credit.

Rewards: This is a no-frills card, so the only potential reward is an improved FICO score after responsible use. This card reports your balance and payment history to 3 major credit bureaus.  

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Fees: See terms.

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